Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Inner 8

I’ve recently been hearing “Blah, blah, blah” from my husband about finance. The last time we went to the Philippines he bought a book about investing and has been talking to me about it ever since. There are many investment firms, etc., out there to assist people in investments, etc. and many of them lately have been in the news as they are getting in trouble and going under!

There is a site “” which is new and seems to be operating in a different manner than the old school investment firms we are all familiar with. The founders of E*Trade created Inner8. Well as much as I can figure out it seems to be an investment firm, which is, structured somewhat like an investment club where create your own group of reliable investing peers.

Inner 8 offers proprietary analytical software so you can track, research, and compare various aspects of financial markets. Also they offer a networking aspect so you can communicate with people familiar with a particular market or financial product. If anyone uses it get back to me and let me know more information and if the tools on the website are helpful and useful to you.

For more information, explore and look into their site.


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